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The Right Red For You

A well suited red lip is so desirable for a woman, but when it comes to actually putting the shade on we all cower away and go for a trusted nude that gets worn everyday. I constantly hear the words “red lips don’t suit me” from so many of you, but why? Are you picking the correct shade to compliment your skin tone or hair colour? I truly believe there is a red lipstick out there to suit everyone, and I’m going to help you find yours.

Orange Red


Orange based red lipsticks are the perfect choice for those of you that like to appear tanned. It’s definitely the shade to go for if you have olive skin and dark hair, but also works on skin with peach undertones and blonde hair. Have you ever found yourself complaining that red lipstick makes you look “pale” or “washed out”? This would be because you’re using a blue red rather than an orange red.

Here are some of my favourite orange based red lipsticks (click name to purchase):


Blue Red


A blue based red is great for someone who has pink undertones in their skin and tends to be quite pale, as seen here on Helen Flanagan. This colour will make the skin more vibrant. Another bonus to wearing any lipstick with a blue undertone is that the colour makes the teeth appear whiter.

Below is a list of some great blue based reds:


True Red


A true red lipstick is neutral and suits all. It has an even balance of colour that will look good on any skin tone. These colours come in handy if you’re having trouble working out which red works best for you. A true red makes a great choice for your wedding day make-up, giving you a classic look.

Examples of true red lipstick:


Deep Red


Deep, wine coloured lipsticks can work for many skin tones when worn in the correct way, however I feel that this colour especially suits those of you with a deeper skin tone. This is because there is less of a contrast in colour between the lips and the rest of the face. Wearing a deep red definitely gives a statement lip (especially for paler skin tones) so it is important to hold back on the eye make-up and keep it minimal. Perfect for a last minute night out!

Some deep red lipstick choices:


Hopefully this guide has given you some confidence to throw out a red lip on your next special occasion. If you have any queries about what looks are right for you don’t hesitate to contact me here, and for prices and information about booking an appointment please visit our services page.

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