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Make Your Beauty Sponges Look New Again With This Little Secret..

No matter what brand you’re using, if you’re into using a beauty sponge to apply your make-up you know how hard it is to keep it clean. As an artist I was constantly covering my BeautyBlender’s in soap and rinsing them under a warm tap between clients, but let’s face it, they never look completely clean after this method. There’s always stubborn foundation marks or the sponge is clogged with setting powder, and constantly buying new ones will definitely start to become a little pricey. However, I have discovered the ultimate Beauty sponge cleaning technique and I need to let the world know!

Not long ago a close friend told me that she puts her Beauty sponges in the washing machine. I was amazed by this idea, it sounded smart, but at the same time I was worried my sacred BeautyBlenders would be destroyed. She explained that her sponges come out and appear brand new every time. After hearing this I HAD to try it.

One evening I gathered all my sponges, BeautyBlender’s, Real Techniques, even my velour pads and wedged disposable sponges! I put them in my washing machine, added a small amount of Ariel washing gel to the drum and put my sponges on a quick 15 minute spin. I was so anxious/excited to see the end result! When they were finished I was not disappointed. I was completely amazed, they appeared as they did when I first bought them, every single one. There were no make-up stains to be seen. Not one of them had been damaged in any way, and to top it all off they smelt incredible and fresh!

As silly as it sounds, as a make-up artist this technique has changed my life! I will forever use this method on all of my sponges to constantly keep them looking new and clean for clients. If you haven’t already tried this, then I highly recommend you do so! I really hope you’re as impressed by it as I am.

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